We believe that recognizing achievements

empowers individuals as well as corporates and communities. TFAO believes that to empower Filipinos in their hard-earned jobs, unwavering support to their companies, their ingenuity, credibility and creativity as well as the leadership in community efforts for religious leaders, volunteers & social advocates; Filipinos must be recognized and honored, irrespective of their level and fields. We have and are still promoting and strengthening Host Country-Company-Filipino-employees-bond through approaching various industries highlighting the image of the Filipino employees or workers. The response so far is remarkable. Primarily, it is already a fact that Filipinos are outstanding and commendable at their work place, but to be approached and be honored by external organization, both the company and the employees; the effect escalated to better relationships and strengthened image of our fellowmen even more.

“Honor” programs also include recognition of Filipino talents and artists overseas that are employed in different industry settings, but are artists.  They have not been given the opportunity to be recognized because the host country industry has not heard of them. We at TFAO seeks these talents and we intend to showcase these ingenuities through various events to allow our fellowmen to achieve the exposure that they deserve. Honoring, recognizing and promoting them hopes to open the door for their entry to commercial positions and soon to global competitiveness.

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A Plateful Blessing

TFAO and its partners has terms and conditions that the members must observe to ensure benifts are utilized within the parameters of each agreement.

We are empowered by our vision of a future where the Filipinos overseas stand valued amongst the best of the world; wherein achievements are rewarded & ingenuity is globally recognized.  We believe that we can make an impact to Filipinos overseas and when they finally decide to go home for good; they are healthier, with a close-knit family relations, with savings, with investments, with participation in social responsibilities, and with great honor, saying proudly that “I Am a Filipino Achiever”.

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