• Aims to bring eco-friendly solar light to off-grid communities world wide.( house and street lights)
  • To teach green skills and empower communities.
  • Utilize a cheap long-term alternative to electric light




TFAO Home consist of 10,000 sqm (BuA) facility  with 500 initial beneficiaries

For 2018, It will accommodate:

  • 200 Abandoned Children
  • 100 Abuse Victims
  • 100 Special Children
  • 100 Out of School Youths




The 1st TFAO UAE Cup 2017

We are empowered by our vision of a future where the Filipinos overseas stand valued amongst the best of the world; wherein achievements are rewarded & ingenuity is globally recognized.  We believe that we can make an impact to Filipinos overseas and when they finally decide to go home for good; they are healthier, with a close-knit family relations, with savings, with investments, with participation in social responsibilities, and with great honor, saying proudly that “I Am a Filipino Achiever”.

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