We believe in unbound learning opportunities

that can help address the neglected opportunities to be trained and acquire additional learnings due to expensive fees in most learning institutions abroad. We believe that should one’s education, trade and skills be upgraded, there is a big chance that employment’s status shall also escalate and that basically translates to higher income opportunities, stability and more competitiveness in their field. TFAO has partnered with credible and government approved institutions and have been granted course fees discounts. One big part of our commitment is to grant scholarships to those interested and qualified, on the condition that they finish whatever course they choose within the list our partners offered. Our motto here is “one person upgraded; means one family uplifted”.

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TFAO and its partners has terms and conditions that the members must observe to ensure benifts are utilized within the parameters of each agreement.

We are empowered by our vision of a future where the Filipinos overseas stand valued amongst the best of the world; wherein achievements are rewarded & ingenuity is globally recognized.  We believe that we can make an impact to Filipinos overseas and when they finally decide to go home for good; they are healthier, with a close-knit family relations, with savings, with investments, with participation in social responsibilities, and with great honor, saying proudly that “I Am a Filipino Achiever”.

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