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Roberto Celis: Inventor of Hydrogasifier

Roberto V. Celis, 74, said it took him 14 years to develop his invention called “Hydrogasifier” using water as supplemental fuel for all kinds of internal combustion engines that use gasoline, diesel, natural gas, hybrid or bio-fuel, eliminating deadly pollutants … Continue reading

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Roberto del Rosario: One-man band Inventor

Music is an artistic form of auditory communication incorporating instrumental or vocal tones in a structured and continuous manner, and one true blodied Filipino have it’s own share of this kind of fashion. He is the inventor of the one-man … Continue reading

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Rudy Lantano: Hybrid Oil Products Inventor

The Philippines felt the oil crisis in the early 70s. This prompted Filipino inventors Rudy Lantano (water and fuel mixture), Daniel Dingel (water powered engine) and Pablito Planas (Khaos Turbocharged engine) to produce innovative means to somewhat deviate the sky … Continue reading

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The Invention of Marc Loinaz

The inventor of the one-chip video camera was Marc Loinaz, a Filipino resident of New Jersey who works with Lucent Technologies. He was featured in the July 1999 issue of Discover Magazine. Marc Loinaz, Director of Design, Physical Layer Products … Continue reading

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Videophone Inventor: Gregorio Y. Zara

    Gregorio Y. Zara (March 8, 1902 – October 15, 1978) is a renowned Filipino engineer and physicist. He was the inventor of the first videophone.A native of Lipa, Batangas, Zara finished primary schooling at Lipa Elementary School, where … Continue reading

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Watercar: Philippine Innovation

Watercar Daniel Dingel’s water-powered car traces its development back to 1969, per Philippine newspaper accounts and the inventor’s own claim that he has invested at least thirty years’ worth of work. Dingel has had several cars converted since that time … Continue reading

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Earthquake-proof house builder: Edgardo Vazquez

WIPO Inventor of the Year 1995 Edgardo Vazquez brought home the Gold Medal for the modular housing called Vazbuilt. This is a system for building fire-, termite-, typhoon- and earthquake-proof houses in less than a month using prefabricated posts and … Continue reading

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